FAST Training Opportunities

Make the most of FAST and be confident in your
financial aid decisions. Join Brian Fulmer,
Director of FAST, for these workshops.

Harnessing the Power of FAST 4:
9/8-29-Pasadena, CA or 10/12-13-Chicago, IL

FAST Forensics:
9/30-Pasadena, CA or 10/14-Chicago, IL

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Financial Aid built for accountability, powered by ISM theory

The new FAST® 4 is fair, focused, and flexible. Find out how in our free Webinar, 'Experience FAST'.

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Custom-fit for your school.

Your school's mission shouldn't mirror your competition's. Your
financial aid formula shouldn't either. Find out how you can tailor
your formula to match your school's mission and philosophy.

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Honest system. Honest awards.

The new FAST 4 is designed with enhanced features to help keep your parents honest-and your awards even more deserving. Join us for our free Webinar, 'Experience FAST'.

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Financial Aid. Tuition Assistance. Scholarships. FAST gives you the right information to make the right decisions.

For the first time, you have a financial aid option that is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to adjust. That's FAST, powered by ISM, and it's the most precise way to make financial aid award decisions that benefit your families and your school.

  • FAST will help you put your dollars in the right hands—and quite possibly improve your full-pay numbers.
  • The FAST formula is automatically adjusted to your local cost of living—and you can make other adjustments based on your knowledge of the area and your families.
  • FAST results are immediate and confidential. Once a family clicks "submit," the application is available to you. And FAST does not send any award recommendations directly to applicants. Only you see those recommendations.
  • We take care of all the paperwork. All tax and other forms come to us for verification and scanning. You have access to all documents via PDFs.
  • FAST lets you include extra questions that are important to your school, and send e-mail blasts
    out to your families. And you can generate any kind of report you want.
  • Our customer service is unrivalled—available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to you and your families. And FAST never closes. You can use FAST year-round.

Join the rapidly growing number of schools that are using FAST, and seeing the difference in their awards!

Already signed up for SSS, FACTS, TADS, or any other financial aid service for next season? No problem. FAST will reimburse you upon receipt of your paid invoice!

What FAST parents are saying:

Parent from Spartanburg Day School, SC
"This system is wonderful so much easier than the system my school used last year. It took me two weeks to complete the application last year (with lots of technical glitches) but I did your application in 20 minutes. Thank you."

Parent from The Lab School of Washington, DC
"We really appreciated the automatic saves as we proceeded through the documents. Our computer failed on our end and we needed to go back in. Much to our joy we could pick up where we left off. Thanks."

Parent from The Siena School, MD
"FAST was easy to use and understand. The help bubbles clearly explain the information needed for each entry. It was very easy to check my work and make modifications, if necessary. I appreciate that my daughter's school uses this resource for their financial aid application process."